Monday, August 17, 2015

Motivation time...

I have a pretty routine and predictable life.  Part of that predictability is my evenings.  During "prime time", Marc and I hit the couch and relax while watching TV.  

Around 10:15, when the first commercial of the 10 PM hour starts, we retire to the bedroom, and watch the rest of the show while chilling in bed.  At 11 PM it's lights out.

I generally fall asleep pretty easily and quickly.  But before I do, thoughts run through my head.  And it's in that few minutes that it seems my motivation is endless.

Yes, comfortably laid out in bed, I can conquer the world.  Eating right, exercising - it seems SO SIMPLE!  My lunch is packed, dinner for the next night is planned, my duffle bag of workout clothes waits ever so patiently in the closet.  So as I begin to drift off I am supremely confident that tomorrow I will be completely on plan!!

And then the next day reality hits.  I'm not just PLANNING on running - I have to get my fat lazy ass out there and DO IT.  That packed salad?  It doesn't always look as yummy when I'm exposed to other temptations.  My promise to myself to resist snacking?  It ain't as easy in the light of day!

If only I could find a way to translate my nighttime resolutions and confidence and motivation when the sun comes up, this journey would be a - *cough* - cakewalk!!!

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