Wednesday, July 15, 2015

What’s in a name?

At the beginning of this week, I told myself that this would be a brand new start.  I'd start fresh - mentally and physically.

But what I've actually discovered is that I'm not, of course, starting over.  I don't weigh well over 300+ pounds.  I haven't been eating massive quantities of horribly processed food.  I'm not an unfit couch potato like when I started.  HELL NO I AM NOT!

In fact I've been a little surprised.  I haven't even felt any sort of sugar withdrawal.  Any "detox" that I've been having is mental.  Like the desire to nibble and pick like I've gotten into the (bad) habit of.  Or feeling "bored" so I need to eat something.  There is some hunger, but, as always, it's so hard for me to determine whether it is "real" hunger or mental longing.

So really what this week has been is getting back to basics.  Eating a normal, healthy breakfast and then not eating again until lunch.  A healthy, high protein lunch.  And getting home from work and not fiddling around the kitchen while reaching for jars of peanut butter and having "just a little" 10 freaking times!!  And then eating a normal healthy dinner.  I even have continued to allow myself a Greek yogurt late while watching TV.  An 80 calorie treat so I don't feel deprived.

Planning my meals for the week, packing my lunch the night before, not allowing FAT JEN to rule the roost...that's what success is made of.

And it's been back to basics running wise.  My Achilles is not 100%, but it's much much better.  Between not running hardly at all in June and the injury and the weight gain, I'm just not able to go out and run 6 miles in 45 minutes.  So I ran 4 - in 35 minutes yesterday and 5.25 today.  With a walking break.  And for now – hell maybe forever - that has to be good enough and I have to allow myself to be okay with that.  I'm continuing to bike and walk and do yoga, etc. – I’m not going to turn to flab.

That is all part of not just the physical back to basics, but mentally getting back to basics as well.  Being calm and patient and focused - that helps keep my eating and everything else in check.

Every skill that I learned during my initial weight loss, what to eat, how to say no, how to be organized - those skills have never gone away.  They are there - have been - I just haven't been using those skills effectively.

Of course, we're only 3 measly days in - big fat hairy deal.  The true test will come during the weekend.  But every single day that I make the right choice is a day I don't make the WRONG choice.  Pile enough of those together???


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