Sunday, July 12, 2015

Like all good things….


Excuse me while I throw a MASSIVE temper tantrum about having to return to work tomorrow!!

Before my vacation, to say I was a train wreck mentally and physically is not exaggerating. 

Mentally, I’m in much better shape.  I hope I can hang on to it.  Physically…well…SIGH.  Ok, so I’m physically better in the respect that my Achilles is doing much better. 

But in the WEIGHT area?  I am a DISASTER.  I don’t even want to LOOK at my work clothes.  I’m afraid everything is not going to fit.  Not good at all.

I have even considered replacing at least 1 meal a day with a shake.  But honestly, that’s not the issue.  I so know what I have to do, I just WON’T FUCKING DO IT.


And that my friends, is the reality of the situation. 

I did do some things on my vacation right – look at the mileage:

  • Hiking 21.79
  • Walking 35.57
  • Running 16.2
  • Biking 125.5


Total: 199.06

And I got some things accomplished.

So here’s hoping that the 2nd half of the year brings better things – not BIGGER  things, but better!

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