Thursday, July 9, 2015

Guess what I've got??!!

When I started this blog I had no idea who would be interested in it.  I thought people that were considering skin removal surgery, maybe people who were looking to lose weight - maybe no one!

And then the blog evolved and I found incredible support and love from strangers.  And I found that I was grateful and humbled by this - and I felt less ALONE.

But now I have my very own HATER.  This person has seen fit to send me several anonymous messages telling me what a self-involved, fat, piece of shit I am.  Lucky me!!

So to Mr. or Ms. Anonymous - let me make it clear.  This is MY blog.  I pay for it.  I talk about ME and MY issues.  Which I will continue to do.  Why you want to spend your time reading and commenting when you clearly can't stand me?  I find it baffling.

Perhaps you could use your time in better ways - like eating shit and dying.  Mmmkay?

Does this mean I've made it to the big leagues??  :)


  1. It is easy to spread hate on the internet as an anonymous writer. Pathetic and cowardly! This is an example of where you need to keep a sense of humor:)

  2. Are you serious?? How low can someone feel about themselves that they need to try and make someone feel bad. Don't be angry with that person, be sad at how very pathetic this is. Misery likes company and its obvious that whoever this person is, is just so very very jealous of your success and trying to put doubts in your mind. Be proud and laugh it off! You're in the bad ass leagues now :)

  3. What A holes they love to hide behind anonymous...keep on keeping on love you Gayle