Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The heat is on...

On Good Morning America this morning, they did a story on the heat wave that a lot of the country has been experiencing.  And they interviewed people who were actually bitching about how hot it is.  

I found myself outright hostile.  I wanted to literally climb through the screen and punch them in their fucking faces!!  Do they not remember the winter we just had?!!  Am I the only one who wanted to kill myself every. Fucking. Night because I was so cold and miserable??!!

There are many reasons that I have started to come out of my funk.  I am running again - not fast and not far - but I am running.  I am excited about the bike race this weekend.  I just came back from a wonderful and much needed vacay.  I am eating mostly like a sane person.  I have found some self control.

BUT I think the main reason for my happiness is the sun and heat.  I ran 3 miles to the grocery store today to pick up something for dinner.  I ran slow and could hardly breathe and loved it!  And I walked through the grocery store sweaty and smelly without a care in the world.  And then I walked a mile back carrying the bags and singing along with my MP3 player like a crazy person.

When I got home I did a weight lifting session.  I rarely sweat while lifting weights.  But it was so hot and humid that my sports bra was soaked.  And I bent over to pick up the weights and sweat streamed off my face and dripped liberally on the ground.


So where do you guys stand?  Love the heat or hate it??

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  1. Love it and will hit anyone who complains!!!