Friday, July 3, 2015


We left last Sunday morning.  The weather promised to be cold and miserable and it matched my mood that it seems that I have been stuck in all year.  But my promise to myself was to try to be more positive.

We arrived at the campground and set up as it rained a cold and nasty rain.  We huddled under our screened house.  I spent the night shivering in the tent knowing that I wouldn’t survive on Survivor for more than a couple days!

But Monday dawned sunny and a hot shower helped improve my mood.  We went to a local wildlife refuge site.  Some of the paths were extremely flooded, but we traveled a bunch of paths and enjoyed the birds and other wildlife, and the boys had a great time.


















We then walked over to a lakefront park and walked some more – it was still pretty cool for late June – but the sun was shining and I started to relax a little.

We headed back to the campground and relaxed.  The view from our site:


Tuesday, the weather was calling for rain all day long.  So when we woke up and it wasn’t yet raining and the weather called for rain to hold off, we went over to a trail on the campgrounds that leads to a neighboring town.  It started to rain, despite my app telling me a ZERO percent chance of rain.  I looked over at Marc and asked if he wanted to run back to the car.  He HATES the rain and agreed.  We began running and I was thrilled that my Achilles felt really good.  It was only about a mile, but it felt good to run without pain.

The sun came out later and it turned out to be a really nice day.

Wednesday, we headed out to Finger Lakes National Forest and hiked an extremely challenging gorge trail. 






Again, more unusual wildlife:







Back in the late afternoon I was itching to run – I wanted to start July on a good note, and after the minor success of the day before, I wanted to see if I could run pain free.  Marc was doing some things on the computer, so Archer and I headed over to the trail and began running.  It was slow.  But the Achilles held up well.  I was positively thrilled to get 3 miles in.  Kinda pathetic huh?  But I’ll take it!


When I got back and headed to shower while Marc began cooking dinner, I thought “It’s going to be okay.”  That may be one of the first positive thoughts I’ve had in a long time.  I can get back on track.

We had a great dinner, and sat by a HUGE fire as we wanted to use the wood up.  And we enjoyed a gorgeous sunset.











All week, they had been calling for it to rain yesterday, but at the last minute it changed.  The day was gorgeous.  We packed up our site and because it was so nice we headed over to Fillmore Glen State Park, even though it was 30 miles out of our way.

We hiked a stunning and challenging gorge trail.












And then we headed home and arrived safe and sound.

The bad news?  I ate and ate and ate the entire week.  I feel incredibly bloated and hugely fat.  It’s going to be a long road to get where I want to be.  A very long road…

The good news?  2015 has SUCKED ass so far.  June was one of the worse months for me mentally that I have ever had.  But I started July feeling calm and optimistic. 

So we’ll see how long and how well I can do this.  But I am ready.  At least I hope I am!

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