Monday, July 6, 2015

Another week!

Today started week 2 of my vacation.  The weather has finally gotten hot – FINALLY.

We started off this morning running errands on our bikes.  For those of you who live in a large city, I imagine this is pretty commonplace, but between the rural-ness of the area and the weather it’s pretty rare around here to use anything but autos for travel. 

But we made a nice round trip of stopping off to pay our fuel bill and picking up a prescription – ending up at 15 miles which took an hour.

We had lunch – vacation lunches are hard for me – it’s easy for me to pack a healthy lunch the night before when I’ve eaten dinner and take it to work the next day and then I have no choice of what to eat.  But when I’m home and hungry, there are a vast array of unhealthy choices.  I stuck to kale and a couple of spinach/garlic chicken sausages and felt good about making the right choice.

Then we packed up the dogs and ourselves and headed to our favorite beach.  It is a 2 mile relatively easy hike to get to the water and then we swam and played all afternoon.

The dogs had a blast:





















Hot, hazy sun and calm waters – absolutely PERFECT.

We headed back and stopped to get something for dinner.  Marc and I were both really hungry.

I don’t know about you guys, but when I’m hungry and in a supermarket, the desire to eat something quick, easy and totally unhealthy just screams at me.  We made it past the pizza and calzones that were being cooked and calling my name and safely landed at the fish counter.

We try to eat fish at least once per week.  Even though it’s really good for you, we don’t have Salmon all that often because it is pricey and because it is high in calories.

But they had on sale cheap some Keta Salmon.  Have you guys ever had this?  It is lower in calories than the traditional Salmon.  Slightly less protein and healthy fats, but we went ahead and tried it.

It was AMAZING.  Maybe I was just so hungry that it tasted that good, but I have to say, it was less greasy than regular Salmon (probably because of the lower fat content) and extremely flavorful.

So a great way to start week 2 of vacation – now I just need momentum!!

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  1. Glad you are enjoying vacation! Good to see you have been fighting through the struggle. The strong woman who lost over 200 pounds is still within you. Keep going!