Thursday, July 23, 2015

Keep moving on!

I'm pushing along.  Next week it will be 3 years since reaching goal.  And I will be FAR from my goal weight.  But I will also be FAR from where I started.

My first true bike race will be this weekend.  And then the following week I will be the running leg of a triathlon.  Marc will do the biking part and my best friend from childhood will be the swimmer.  This friend and I lost touch for many years and have only been back in communication a short time.  She has had her own weight struggles and is in the process of a weight loss journey.  It will be pretty cool to do this with her!

3 years in and I keep expecting this to get easier.  Not easy, but easier.

Unfortunately that doesn't seem to be the case.  Eating right and exercising have become integrated into my daily life.  And yet the desire, the PULL - of old habits?  I feel that every day.  Some days the voice is a minor quiet whisper that I hardly notice. And other days it's a screaming loud presence that I can't shut up or shut out.

Although it doesn't hold true for everyone, in addiction recovery 5 years is the benchmark.  If someone makes it 5 years, statistically their chances of staying clean and sober goes up remarkably.  I wonder if the same holds true for "obesity recovery"?

If I can keep *most* of the weight off for another 2 years will my head finally be right?  As you all know, the fight can be exhausting.  But today I want to and will fight.  What is the alternative?

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