Saturday, June 7, 2014

You should be ashamed!

What a week this has been.  I've been out of my routine for a few days, and it's enough to drive me just about to the edge of sanity - for no good reason.

Yesterday as planned I took the day off so that we could go out to lunch for my birthday and I could have a 3 day weekend.  I also had what seemed like an endless list of errands to run.  We left early and shopped all day.  We got home late only to turn around and head in to watch the large parade they have every year at this time.

Given our typical  party animal lifestyle - NOT - we got home at what seemed very late.  It was actually only 9:30, but we were both exhausted.

We got up at our normal time today with intentions to work out and then I was going to get to work on the gardens.  But Marc's nephew called early offering his truck to get mulch for the gardens.  So Marc went with him and I started weeding the flower beds.  They returned and before I knew it it was time for lunch.

I ate quickly and it was back out to work.  I literally spent the next 5 hours digging, weeding, planting, shoveling and spreading mulch.   I got SO much done and the gardens look great.

 Here is one of the beds I worked on yesterday.


I did no formal exercise.  So after dinner I went out and began weeding the veggie garden and planted some more seeds.  And the voice in my head was non-stop chatter of what a disgusting,  lazy, horrible person I am and how FAT I am going to be again.

The rational part of me realizes that doing physical labor - and I WORKED - for like 6 hours at least - is at least as valuable as "formal exercise".  Both in terms of fitness and calories burned.  And, another clue should be my body - I'm sitting here utterly worn out - in a good way.  My legs ache from bending and squatting and carrying.  And my arms and shoulders and shot from all the shoveling and spreading.

But that dreaded voice just won't be silenced.  I wonder if it ever will...

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