Sunday, June 8, 2014

Now you can shut up!!

If this doesn't shut the voice in my head up, I don't know what will!

Yes, this old girl has still got it!  It was a beautiful day out.  I realized something as I was running - many times the difficulty I have in my "long runs" is that I keep thinking about everything I have to do at home, which makes me run too fast and I burn out.

I got so much accomplished yesterday that I was able to just relax today and enjoy the absolutely ideal weather.  I focused on running slow and steady.  I was tired when I got back, but totally refreshed.

The rest of the day involved eating lunch outside on our deck and mulching the only flower bed I didn't get to yesterday.  A few more small projects and then a run into the grocery store and some more planting soil.
 I got back and the dogs were looking at me expectantly.  So I took them on a leisurely 4 mile stroll.  So 19 miles covered today - not too shabby!
 I end this weekend feeling renewed and rejuvenated, just what I needed.  With a camping vacation in sight I hope to hold onto this high!

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