Saturday, June 28, 2014

I know what I DON’T want!

I know that I have periods where I sound like a complete nutjob.  Sometimes this is blatantly obvious to me and sometimes I think my crazy is perfectly reasonable.

Everyone once and a while, though, I see someone from the outside and I know that I DON’T want to be like him or her and it tends to give me some perspective.

So when I saw this article:

I saw immediately how sick and disordered – IN MY OPINION – the poster is in terms of her body.

And I lean so far towards that and I don’t want to.  I don’t want to spend the rest of my life obsessed and vigilant every minute of every day.  Hating myself, debating myself, searching for flaws in the mirror.

I tell my clients that in their first year or so of sobriety that they probably shouldn’t go to a wedding with an open bar – it’s just too much temptation.  But I also tell them that if they have 5 years sober and they can’t sit across the dinner table with someone who is drinking a beer without it being an extreme challenge that there’s probably something wrong with their recovery program.

And as I near 2 years of maintenance – can you believe it?? – I am challenging myself to have a more healthy relationship with both food and my body.  Improving my recovery program.

I know that – like an addict – I’ll never be completely sane when it comes to my “drug of choice”.  But being not quite sane is quite different then being cuckoo for cocoa puffs.

As far as body image goes, contrasting with the previous article, this woman is my frigging HERO.

To have the BALLS huge enough to show her awesome body – extra skin and all – to the world??!!  She has confidence  that I would LOVE to have.

And to stand up to a magazine who clearly stands not for reality but for airbrushed and “purtied up” semi-reality??

I’m called an “inspiration” all the time. This woman is a TRUE inspiration!

Who would you rather be?  Woman #1 or woman #2?

perfect body

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