Wednesday, June 11, 2014

She might be back?

I'm almost scared to make this post.  So when you read this, know that I am "whispering" because I don't want this to end up like a turtle who gets scared and crawls back in the shell.

I think that Thin Jen might be slowly but surely creeping back.  You see, it was a loooonnnggg cold depressing winter.  Thin Jen was prepared for a good fight.  But she got worn down.

She didn't disappear, not completely, but she got weak.  Oh so weak.  And when she is weak, Fat Jen comes in for the KILL.  She demand carbs and sweets.  She insists that we are hungry - oh so very hungry - all the time.  She makes excuses to not work out or to give it a half-assed effort.

But recently the sun has been bright and warm.  Thin Jen has come out to bask in the sunlight.  And then Landscaper Jen made her reappearance and Thin Jen and she are good friends.  She has been getting stronger.

Thin Jen took us for a run - a very long run - on Sunday. And Fat Jen was so befuddled by Thin Jen's reemergence that she was rendered almost silent.

So Fat Jen has made some of her own efforts to fight back.  But so far her attempts this week have been mostly fruitless. Even today Thin Jen refused a wonderful delicious looking chunk of bread and Fat Jen couldn't make a convincing argument to get us to suck it down.

Today we weighed in at 120.7.  It's not jump up and down fabulous, but it's closer to a happy weight then we've seen in a while!

So I'm still tip-toeing around and hoping that Thin Jen - like the hot sun - stays around and doesn't slip back into hiding!!!

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