Saturday, June 21, 2014

I see a red door...

In early spring I was waiting for Marc to leave to go somewhere and I found myself staring at our steel front door and was thinking it looked pretty banged up.  Suddenly the thought popped into my head that I should totally paint it red.

I told Marc about my idea and he just said "OK" in that "here she goes again" voice - knowing that my bright ideas often make a lot of work for him.

 Now those of you who read this blog know that once I get an idea in my head?  I need to do it NOW!  But that wouldn't be possible in cold weather - so it went on my "to do" list.  And there it has sat.

 I bought the paint a couple of weeks ago, but time or weather hasn't cooperated.  Today it did.

First I removed the doorknob and lock which I spray painted black.  Then Marc removed the door and we set it on sawhorses.   I sanded the door and wiped it down with mineral oil and then began painting.

Fortunately it was mostly sunny and with very little humidity the paint dried fast.  Since it took 7 coats I was very lucky.

By late afternoon we were able to put the door back on and I am thrilled with the way it turned out!!!

Red doors are supposed to bring luck - that's not the reason I painted it but hell, let's hope that happens!!  Mostly I am glad that this idea I have had in my head for a while turned out so great.

What do you think??

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