Thursday, June 26, 2014

The bitch (might be) back!

Today I felt a glimmer of getting my mojo back.  I have one more day of work and then I am on vacation.  2 glorious weeks of vacation.  So today flew by as I worked my ass off to make sure I have everything as in order as possible before I leave.

This morning, the scale remained unkind.  So that was not great.  And I was going to to run at lunch but I actually felt - scared?  Not of hurting myself but of just having pain since I haven't run since Sunday. 

So when Marc texted me and asked if I wanted to go for a walk with him during lunch I jumped on it.  We went for a 4 mile speed walk.

When I got home I decided to bite the bullet and try to run.  I hooked Archer up and we took off.  Initially there was some pain.  But within 1/2 mile we were in the groove.  We took 2 short walk breaks - but ended up running 7 and walking 1.  There is some soreness now, 3 hours later, but I feel relieved and pretty fucking good.

My body is resilient, apparently.  And when I got home I jumped on the scale and was pretty happy to see 121 staring back at me.  I'm sure that's post-run artificially low but I've been doing super great with my eating this week and I am confident I'll be in a decent - not super awesome - but decent shape heading into vacation.

July is unbelievably almost here.  My 2 year maintenance anniversary comes in July.  Wow!  I am really OK, I think.

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