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Ok, today's post has nothing whatsoever to do with weight loss or fitness.  It will just be me ranting about a company, so read on and be warned.

I HATE companies that don't stand by the products that they make!  In February 2008, I purchased a Samsung LED television.  I paid just under $2,000 for it.  My mother had the exact same television in a smaller size that she had just purchased and was pretty happy with it.

The tv was great - at first.  Then my mother told me that hers was starting to have white spots show up in her screen.  She said that after doing some research that this was due to blown pixels, and that it was a common problem with these Samsung televisions.  

Sure enough - only a short time later, Marc and I noticed a white spot right in the middle of our screen.  One spot led to another and within a very short time our screen was LITTERED with all kinds of white spots.

I did my own research and there are literally DOZENS of complaints on the internet about this problem with these Samsung televisions.  Although at this point the television was out of warranty, since this was clearly a manufacturing defect, I thought that Samsung might do the right thing and fix a television that was failing less then 5 years from purchase.  And it's not like it was cheap!!

First here is what the screen looks like:

You see all those white spots all over the screen?  Those are from blown pixels.  

So I had an online conversation with Samsung.  After the initial information I gave them, this is the representative's response:
Susana S: After thorough research, it was determined that only specific models exhibited a slightly higher-than-normal failure rate.  Although your TV has similar symptoms, research indicates that this is due to normal wear and tear.

In reading on tv sites, there are DOZENS  of other customers who bought this or a similar tv, this is apparently the company line".  That PIXELS BLOW all over the television due to "normal wear and tear".  You have to be fucking kidding me, right?

More of our conversation:
ME: It is incredibly frustrating. I live in a smoke free, child free home and take VERY good care of my home and products in my home. Samsung CLEARLY has a bad product on their hands that they are making no effort to make right. I would never buy a Samsung product again because of this, and I think other people should be warned not to buy.
Susana S: Our engineers have determined which models have the particular parts that tend to fail at a slightly higher-than-normal rate. These are the only ones that are being covered outside of the warranty term.
ME: But 5 years is completely unreasonable time frame for this to fail. And this appears to be par for the course when it comes to the chip failing. So Samsung has chosen to use the phrase "normal wear and tear" REPEATEDLY instead of standing by its products
Susana S: I understand your concern with this issue however the model number is not in the list given by the engineers so you need to pay for the service. 
Surprise, surprise, I didn't get anywhere.  I realize that there are bigger problems in the world then having a television that now has a crappy picture.  However, when I shell out my hard earned money to a company, I would expect that they stand by their screw ups and just do the right thing for their customers.  As a multi-million dollar company, they could easily make this right and have chosen not to.

Needless to say, I will NEVER buy a Samsung product again, and I am warning other consumers to beware of what they are getting into when they buy from this shitty ass company.

So, ultimately, we are in the market for a new television from a manufacturer who stands by their products.  Let me know if you have any recommendations!!

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