Sunday, March 2, 2014


One of the "side effects" of my cabin fever and anxiety is the need to do something productive.  Usually that thirst is quenched by some intense exercise, but it has not been cutting it.  I've felt a need to change something in my life.

So how does that manifest itself?  Well, by engaging in a home improvement project.  And when I get something like this in my head?  It's like a horrible itch that I can't scratch.  And it has to get done NOW!  IMMEDIATELY!  I can't stand one more day!!

So, that means I dragged poor Marc to Lowe's yesterday and gathered up a bunch of supplies.  I say poor Marc because most of the time these projects are ones that I can't do on my own, so he gets dragged into helping me complete them.  But fortunately for him this one required a lot less from him then the typical project!

So I got up today, after tossing and turning all night thinking about all I had to do, and of course, including getting in a long run.  I dilly-dallied for some odd reason and didn't get down to the treadmill in the time I would have liked.  And I was fine as I ran physically, but my mind was not - I wanted to be running and starting the project at the same time - which, believe it or not is not possible.  

So I made it 10 miles only before getting off.  A shower, some lunch and then on to the project.  It's not even going to be that big of an accomplishment to anyone but me.  But I did spend the next 4+ hours scrubbing our laundry room and entryway and repainting as well as partially enclosing our washer and dryer.  

So I feel like I was productive today, but not having run a true long run is also stuck in my head.  I just can't win against myself.  But when I sit down tonight and make some virtual cross outs on my tablet "to-do" list, I think I will feel a little better.

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