Sunday, March 9, 2014


That's the sound my brain made as we lost an hour today. For someone like me who is CONSTANTLY bitching about not having enough hours in the day, losing an hour of my day sucked.

 I dragged myself out of bed and looked at our outdoor thermometer and it said 14  degrees and I quickly sucked down a cup of dark roast.  I went downstairs and briefly glared at the treadmill.   For some reason climbing on an hour early was mentally so difficult.  But I put the time in, anyway and was glad I did.
 I've felt like I'm been chasing my tail today, and I know tomorrow when the alarm goes off I'll be even more pissed then I normally am.
BUT I'll admit - when Marc went to get our chicken off the grill tonight and the clock read 7:00 and it was still light out?  It made my heart lighten a bit.  I almost - ALMOST - felt a glimmer of a little thing called..….HOPE.
 As you know, that's a precious gemstone that has been completely missing for a while now.  And next Saturday is my first race of 2014.  It's not that it's a special race, it's just that it's something outside with other runners and it's something DIFFERENT.
 Plus I'm wearing something OUTRAGEOUS!  I can't wait to show you!!!

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