Tuesday, March 25, 2014

I'm losing it!!

Geez I feel a little like I'm losing my mind.  I seriously can't take one more thing going wrong!!

This week is another graduation celebration for the clients.  I love these celebrations because it's a chance to really see how much the work that I do impacts not only them.  Usually they bring their families and after the "ceremony" we get to talk to parents and kids and spouses and hear how they are experiencing the change in their loved one's lives.  

BUT - it's a TON of work for me to prepare for these celebrations and I'm totally feeling the stress.  

Last week our dishwasher crapped out.  We bought a new one and - of course - it doesn't fit right in our 200+ old house.  So Marc is stressed out trying to get the stupid thing to work right.  And we he is stressed, it definitely effects me.  

AND his father has been laid up with a broken arm and a bad infection.

AND then yesterday we wake up to the news that someone very close to us had a "heart incident" - read a mild heart attack.  She was transferred to a very good hospital today about 90 miles from us and had to have a stent put in.  

AND then our shower handle broke.  We can't get hot water at all.  So we had to transfer all of our crap to the guest bathroom.  You know how well I deal with change, right?  So it totally stressed me out this morning to have to change my routine.  

AND it was 4 degrees this morning.

Can you see where I'm totally feeling sorry for myself?  None of this stuff is anything to get overly worked up over.  It appears that the heart attack was mild and she's going to be fine.  And Marc's father is feeling better and healing.  And we'll get the dishwasher working and replace the shower stuff - I've ordered a new system from Lowe's.  And I have almost everything done for the graduation party so I just have to finish up a couple of things tomorrow.  But I couldn't convince myself of that last night when I was laying in bed with my chest tight and worrying.

I'm pessimistic that it's EVER going to warm up.  Forget Global Warming - I think we're entering another ice age!!  

Yeah, I'm just in that pity party mode.  But I am almost able to smack myself for being such a drama queen.  And I'm not stress eating so my weight is down and I got on the scale this morning and was happy.  So there's that.

But is March over yet??!!!???!!

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