Wednesday, March 12, 2014


That's all I got.  This just sucks so bad.  I know that a lot of the country is going through it so I can't even bitch that it's all about here!!

It was so bad that they actually sent us home from work 2 hours early.  That NEVER happens.  And I would love to report to you that I came home and immediately made productive use of the time.  Instead I'll report that I came home, used the computer and pouted while feeling really sorry for myself.

I just heard on ABC News that this is the coldest last 6 months for much of the country in the last 100 frigging years!   Ya think???

 I am trying to keep a glimmer of hope as they are PROMISING warmer weather on Friday - I am really looking forward to the Shamrock Run and I'll be CRUSHED if this doesn't melt and I can't run a good race.

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  1. As you stated its bad for you.....but all the people that can not afford to stay warm.....our power bills are outrageous and it's not even cold...let us remember our woes are soooo small compared to others ....sigh