Saturday, November 30, 2013

The month of thanks comes to an end....

This has been an interesting month for me.  I feel more settled and with more serenity then I think that I have had since entering maintenance in July 2012.  Because no feeling of "goodness" would be complete without me having SOMETHING to worry about, I worry about crossing the fine line between confidence and cockiness.  

Before dinner tonight we did a Yoga DVD.  Because it is about pushing your limits but in a MUCH different way then, say, high intensity cardio, AND because it focuses on settling your mind, I can't help but feel that it's apropos that this was my last workout of the month.

Ok, so we enter December tomorrow.  It is a month of challenges!  I am concerned about making good food choices with temptations a plenty.  I am also worried about keeping my running going.  I just cannot stand the freezing cold temps and the treadmill continues to be a nemesis for me mentally.  

I also want to talk about sacrifice.  You CANNOT succeed in the weight loss battle without sacrifice.  Personal sacrifice and also asking your family and friends to sacrifice.  Wrap your mind around this.  Now is the time to get your mind right.  Start NOW.  

If you are going to travel the path to healthy living that means your are going to give up a LOT.  Exercise takes time.  Eating right is hard.  Other hobbies HAVE to be abandoned.  We cannot have it all.  Losing the weight is one of the easier things, trust me.  The day to day grind and committing to a solid plan?  That's what is hard.

But each sacrifice you make takes you closer to goal.  Each day you say "I'll start tomorrow" pulls the goal further away.  It ain't getting easier people!

Here is something I won't sacrifice and I'm glad to have accomplished it today: 

To end this month I want to express thankfulness for the life I have.  I am grateful for friends and family, for a wonderful husband, for home and health and happiness. 

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