Friday, November 8, 2013

It's just that easy and it's just that hard.

Recently on the 3 fat chicks site someone was talking about how hard it is to lose weight.  And then someone else chimed in that it is actually really easy - just eat less and move more.  That really upset some people who felt - I don't know - insulted or disrespected for their struggles by someone saying that weight loss is easy when they find it really really hard.

The answer, of course is that it's BOTH, right?  If you look at it purely from a scientific standpoint, losing weight is incredibly easy.  If you burn more calories in a week then you take in you lose weight.  There can be little variations based on a variety of factors but pretty much that's the way it works.

But for most of us, it is not just about science, because we are not robots.  There are hundreds of reasons why losing weight is so hard.  I mean if it wasn't, everyone who wanted to be skinny would be!

At any one time, millions of people are "trying" to lose weight.  And they fall into different categories.  There are the people that really want to lose weight, but really aren't making any effort to do so.  They are waiting for a magic fairy to make them thin.  Then there are people who put in some effort, but don't devote the time and energy it takes.  These are the people that walk for 3 miles for 4 days and eat right and when the scale doesn't drop by 10 pounds, they say screw it and proceed to drown themselves in McDonald's fries!  There are people who are diligently trying to lose weight and are doing it - they are the lucky ones!  And then there's the people that are diligently trying but are not losing at all.  That really sucks.  I have been there done that for all categories.  

It's works the same way with maintaining.  Right now, I am blissfully and inexplicably in a place where it is easy.  My weight has been down all week and I dropped just over a pound from yesterday to today.  Why?  No idea.  I'm not doing anything differently and yet my body is making me very very happy.  I am in the zone both mentally and physically.  

It won't last forever.  I know this.  Just like plateaus don't last.  Our minds can make this way harder than it needs to be.      

Recognize that it's hard.  And recognize that it is really easy.  And move ahead accordingly.  Some days you'll be on top of the world - relish those times!  Some days will seem so dark and depressing you won't know how you're going to get through.  Own those days, too, because when things get better, you'll appreciate them more.  

Today I am thankful to have the luxury of what so many others lack - to stop at the grocery store and pick up healthy food for dinner.

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