Saturday, November 23, 2013

Shall we talk family?

Ok, here is another issue that people will be dealing with during the holidays and since people tend to be around extended family more-so on Thanksgiving let's talk about how we plan to handle family next week.

Again, just like with food, it's important to have a strategy.  First off, I want you to deal with your own head.  This is HUGELY important.  Look yourself in the mirror.  You are a wonderful, beautiful person.  NO ONE has the power to get into your head unless you allow them to!  You are deserving of love and respect and someone who doesn't treat you with that?  They SUCK.  They are the shithead.  NOT YOU!  Remember that and own that above all else.

Ok, now that you have the power let's remember this.  What you eat and how much you eat of it is your fucking business.  Not anyone else's.  If you CHOOSE to have a piece of pecan pie and your skinny ass cousin Cindy makes a remark about it like "Is that on your diet?"  Tell her to cram it.  Well, maybe some of you are more delicate then that.  But YOU know who the assholes are in your family and you need to have a PLAN on how to deal with it.  What DO you plan to say if and when someone makes a snide remark?

Recruit your supports.  Have a frank talk with your husband.  Sit him down this week and tell him you want to talk about Thanksgiving Day.  Say to your husband "You know how your brother-in-law is always making jokes about my weight?  It really upsets me.  I plan to stand up for myself this year and I want your support."

How much do you plan to say about your weight loss?  Mine was so obvious because I was losing so much that I just proudly owned the number.  Some of you may not be comfortable with that.  So what will you say if and when someone comments on your weight?  Maybe it's as simple as saying "I'm trying to be a little healthier - boy that is a beautiful sweater!!" Or maybe you want to yell "I have lost 50 pounds through a lot of hard work!!"  What you want to disclose is up to you!

How about Aunt Gertrude who always wants to get in everyone's business?  Remember - no one can rattle you unless you allow them to!!!  Don't worry about being rude.  You only get one chance at this life.  Don't spend one minute of it being a victim to other people's assholitis.

Are you ready?  Do you have your plan?  I am hopeful that you have a wonderfully supportive family and you don't need to implement any of these.  But since I know some of you don't and will face issues, I hope that this helps you remember what is important and how you can handle it.

If all else fails and people are questioning or bothering you about your food choices, I want you to say this - "My good friend Jen, who lost 228 pounds through diet and exercise, told me what I can and can't eat today.  Oh, and she also told me to tell you to go fuck yourself!" 

Today I tremendously thankful to know that I will be spending my Thanksgiving with my awesome in-laws who welcomed me years ago into their family with open arms and who have done nothing but support me in every facet of my life - including my weight loss.


  1. Jen I've been reading your blog for a couple of months and just love it. You make me laugh. Thanks for your honesty and great sense of humor.