Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Feeling great!

I am feeling fantastic heading into Thanksgiving!  I am in such a good mood that even the horrible weather couldn't bring me down this morning!  We are covered in deep snow and yet I don't want to kill anyone! 

We will be running a 5K Turkey Trot tomorrow before heading over to Marc's sister's house.  I was really hoping to come away with a great time, but a lot will depend on when the snow stops falling and whether they can get the route cleaned up so that I can run all out without worrying about falling and breaking something.  

My Achilles is still really swollen and hurts at times, but I think that the stretching that I have been doing has really paid off, because it is definitely better then it was.  I am healing!

I have been evaluating where I am at with my goals heading into the Holidays.  One area that I feel I am failing at is being a good mommy to my Boxers.  I've been really busy and distracted and I haven't given them the attention they deserve.  Also, it is almost dark when I get home, so they haven't been getting enough activity.  

I feel really guilty about this and I need to make an effort to get back on track with giving them the attention and exercise they deserve.  Which will take some creativity on my part.  That is a goal of mine heading into the last month of the year.

Weight wise, I'm right where I want to be and feel pretty great about that.  Of course I will spike after tomorrow, but a few days on plan will bring me right back down.

So, I hope life is good for everyone else out there.  If you are on the east coast and traveling, please stay safe and sane!

Today I am grateful for my boys Chakotay and Archer.  The unconditional love of a dog is almost overwhelming at times.  They deserve as much as they give.

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  1. I love the Doggy pictures! Happy Thanksgiving Jen!