Thursday, November 14, 2013

RIP Ezri....

Sad news to report today.  Geez, I was just telling you guys about this being a hard time of year - and all the losses we have had.  And then we lost one of our cats yesterday.  Ezri was started acting like her stomach hurt a couple of days ago and we kind of left her alone because animals sometimes get sick and don't feel like eating - just like we do.  But by yesterday she was just laying there, no moving and looked extremely weak and sick.

Marc checked and she had a HUGE tumor growing under her tongue.  Obviously she had this for a while, but she was acting completely normal until a couple of days ago.  This type of cancer is apparently pretty common in cats and is untreatable.  She was in bad shape this morning and Marc was going to take her to the vet's to assist her in passing away, but her picked her up and she was gone.

We got Ezri in 2000 or 2001.  I was headed home from work and there was this small, tortoiseshell kitten in the middle of the road.  A young woman was trying to catch her.  I stopped and she said that she had *almost* run her over.  We managed to get her and this woman said that she already had 4 cats and couldn't keep her, but she begged me to take her and she practically threw 3 cans of cat food at me (she had just come from grocery shopping apparently) and took off.

Of course I took her home being the bleeding heart that I am and Marc fell in love with her.  She was always a shy and skittish cat, but she got along well with all the other animals in the house and loved curling up on our laps on cold winter nights.

She had a good life and went fast so she didn't suffer.  However, she went so fast that Marc and I are both kind of in shock.  We will bury her in a spot in the backyard along with the other animals we have lost through the years.

Run pain free at the Bridge, Ezri!  I am thankful we had you in our lives and that you passed peacefully.  Tell all our kids that we said that we love and miss them!


  1. My prayers are with you Jen!! We lost our rescue dog, Katie, back in April. She had similar symptoms and after 3 vet visits and exploratory surgery she was diagnosed with liver cancer, which was also untreatable. We had her put down on the operating table so she didn't have to suffer, but we were (still are!) devastated. I have 2 sons but she was the daughter I never had and the sweetest little Diva ever!! We can take heart in the fact that they were given the best possible loving care while they were with us. I hope your Ezri and our Katie are playing together over the Rainbow Bridge with all of the other furry friends we've loved and lost!

  2. Iam SO sorry for your loss I feel for you I am still reeling from our lloss back in April of our beloved boy EBBETTS. My thoughts are with you.
    Take care, Gayle