Sunday, April 29, 2012


I am the type of person that researches the hell out of things.  It can be annoying at times, but in cases like this it is good.  Because I have read things in advance from other people who have had this procedure done so that things don't freak me out when they happen - I know that they are normal.

When they do this surgery obviously a lot of nerves are cut.  Some nerves go completely dead and will stay dead.  But most nerves learn to regenerate.  About 3 days after the surgery, Marc was putting lotion on me, and the weirdest thing happened - he was rubbing lotion in the area just under my belly button and I could see him doing it, but I felt NOTHING!  Not a thing.  It was just so weird.  

My nerves are starting the process of regenerating and let me tell you what it feels like - I can be sitting, walking, whatever, and off of a sudden I'll feel a ZAP shoot across an area of my abdomen.  It usually makes me wince, even though it doesn't exactly hurt, it's like someone just gave me a mild shock.  The human body is just amazing.  I already have some feeling in that area that was previously dead.

In other news, we hiked 4 miles a Wehle State Park yesterday.  As ordered I went really slow - the dogs were annoyed while on leash (Why you walking so slow, Mom?) but fortunately they could be off leash most of the time and got a great run in.

I continue to heal well - actually the sorest part of me right now is on both sides near the hips.  That's where most of the liposuction was done and you can see yellowish purple fading bruises.  The compression garment presses right on there making it sore.


  1. Jen, Thank You for commenting about cut nerves, an update would be great. I'm a 50 something guy sho has pondered a tummy tuck for some time. My biggest concern is cutting and disconnecting nerves and how that wierd that would feel and would it affect intimate perfomance. I want a flat stomach, but if it causes problems... hmmm, much to consider.
    When I was 7 yo, I had surgery on right leg to remove benign tumor 6 inches below my knee. Everything went OK. That area of my right leg has no nerve feelings, on ocassion it has bled when scraped and people mention it to me. It' a wierd feeling.

  2. Hi Roger!

    The "zap" feelings lasted only a very short time and I haven't felt anything like that in weeks.

    I have some numbness still - the main area for numbness is between my belly button and pubic line. There is some feeling but definitely not back to normal. For the most part, I have normal sensation everywhere else.

    I would not worry about it causing intimacy issues - I have never heard of the surgery causing numbness where is would effect that.

    Good luck!