Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The land of the living!

Late entry today because I had some visitors this morning, then I washed my hair in the sink, ate lunch and actually ventured out to Walmart and Price Chopper to get some groceries.  I got some strange looks walking a little hunched over and very slow, but there are always people are lot freakier then that in Walmart!!

So yesterday I did hit the treadmill and walked 1.5 whole miles in 45 minutes LOL.  Wanted to make sure I kept to slow and easy.  After I got off there was this weird tingling sensation in my abs.  It wasn't painful just a strange buzzing feeling.  It didn't last long and as far as I can tell there has been no adverse effects, so I might try it again today.  I'm a little worn out though from my trip into Watertown, so we'll see how I feel in 30 minutes or so.

Since the surgery, the incision site - all the way around - has only bothered me right on my tailbone where I sit all the time.  Since I've got drains coming out all over, there's no where else for me to sit.  Now the sides and front are starting to itch really bad.  That has to be a sign of healing, though, so I'm not going to complain.

 I'm anxious for Thursday - not only do I want these drains out, but then the surgeon can take a look and make sure the incisions are healing well and I also want to hear what else he has to say about the surgery itself.

Did I tell you that they took a picture of the fat and skin they removed?  Get ready for a really gross pic, guys, because it's coming!!


  1. Whew! So relieved to hear your "walk" was without incident! Do you suppose the tingling in your abs was due to increased blood flow to that new six pack you're going to have? - the muscles the surgeon cut and grafted together again?
    Cool about the removed skin - can it be donated like an organ? Are they able to use it in a burn unit for skin grafts?

  2. It sounds like your recovery is really coming along great! I love reading your updates and am so glad you're doing this blog :)

  3. Not sure about what the tingling was about it went away quickly. At first I thought it had to do with the "buzzing" of the treadmill motor, but it happened yesterday while walking slow in Walmart. I'm anxious to ask the surgeon how much repair the abs themselves needed. He didn't seem to think there was a lot to be done, but once he got in there it should be interesting. And, no, the skin goes in the garbage with other medical waste.

    Crystal - so glad that you are enjoying the blog!