Monday, April 23, 2012

Let's talk compression garments...

One of the banes of my current existence.  Not sure that I've talked about this.  You can see it in the picture I took day 1 - it's that white thing I'm wearing.  It's like a combination of a girdle or some really tight Spanx.  The purpose of wearing one after surgery is twofold - one is to help push swelling away from the skin and the second is to help the skin adhere to your new shape.  So it's necessary, but imagine wearing a girdle all day and all night long.  Pretty sucky. 

So this morning when I got up early as usual to take my medication and clean out the drains, I took the cg off so that Marc could wash it out.  It needs to be hand washed/air dried and there were several bloody spots from where the incisions leaked.  Then I went back to bed for a couple of glorious hours without wearing the garment.  It allowed me to feel my new flat stomach, too, which was pretty surreal.

I think I may try to walk a little on the treadmill today.  Nobody panic - I'm not talking about power walking for miles - I'm talking about a very slow casual walk for a short distance since I can't get outside.  This sitting around all day is not for me!


  1. How did you feel after your walk on the treadmill, Jen? Scared to ask, but noticed I was holding my breath as I read this entry and I don't think I can hold it any longer!!!

  2. I have been enjoying following your journey tried to comment alnog the way will try again...So happy all is going on plan it seems and you are staying active ALL to your benifit. I will run for you today you can walk for me OK I will be thinking of how thin you will be feeling running through the air in the furture. Deva diva..Gayle

  3. Thanks for running for me! I'm feeling optimistic about my fitness level coming back quickly once I am cleared to run and do other activities, but for now it's driving me CRAZY!