Thursday, April 26, 2012

1 week post-op visit....

Had my first visit since the surgery and I'm delighted to report good news.  Dr. DeRoberts described my 1 week progress as "amazing".  He is extremely happy both at my rate of healing and how his work turned out.  He was shocked that he was able to remove 3 of the 4 drains because things are going so well.  2 that were removed were the ones on the side that were irritated and painful.  The one in front that is left is merely an annoyance.  I was extremely swollen, and found out that I have been wearing my compression garment WAYYYY too loose.  Now that I know how tight it is supposed to be, that should help the swelling.

I confessed my "sin" of walking on the treadmill twice.  He was not upset, just said that people like me really "worry" him because we tend to over-do it because we are feeling so good.  I have complete clearance to walk outside and on the treadmill as much as I want as long as I am WALKING and going SLOW.  Which I was and will.
I am going to sleep well tonight because I can now sleep on my side instead of my back!  Yay me!
I go back next Tuesday provided I'm not draining too much and will have the last drain removed.  The it's time to shop for a bathing suit!!!
I was going to post before and after pics tomorrow, but since there is still a drain in, and because my belly is still swollen I am going to be vain and wait until next week.  I will also be doing measurements to see how many inches I lost in my hips and waist.
Oh, and the doc confirmed that he stuffed some fat from my back and sides into my butt area while I was cut open.  This keeps me from having the really flat ass look that a lot of people that get the full circumferential get.  My new belly button is a little bit infected and gross looking so I don't have a true picture of that yet.  They re-covered my incision sites with a different kind of tape, but they said and I could see that the incision looks really great - it's healing well.
I am a very happy "skinny bitch" today!!


  1. Again I will try and comment they keep disappering....anyways YOU GO SKINNY BITCH I have been following you eveyday...Deva diva..Gayle

  2. This whole journey of yours is just fascinating. The butt fat-stuffing and building a new bellybutton is especially interesting, lol. I'm so happy that you're doing well and are a skinny bitch now. I want to be one of those some day, too :D

  3. Thanks to you both! Not sure why other surgeons aren't smart enough to stuff the butt with the fat. From other people's pics I have seen, it makes such a difference! Of course I was working out that area, too, so there is some muscle there and that helps, too.

    I actually am not skinny yet - I'd like to lose 10-15 more pounds. But looking down at my mostly flat tummy was so gratifying!

  4. Way to go S.B.! Puts a whole new spin on "junk in your trunk!"