Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Come on body, cooperate!

I'm getting a little nervous about one of my drains.  It is still outputting quite a bit of fluid and if he tells me he can't remove the drain tomorrow, I may freak the hell out.  It is painful and annoying.  Wanna see? 

Yes, that is correct - it looks like it hurts because it DOES!  So it had about 25 cc of fluid in it today - hopefully if it stays fairly low over the next 24 hours he'll take it out.  2 of the other drains had barely trace amounts and one other was pretty small, so I'm pretty confident he'll take those out.

I'm anxious to see what size clothes I'm in.  Can't try anything on but sweats over these drains.

Not much on the agenda today - at least the sun is out a little but it's still effing cold!   Maybe we'll hit the mall just to get out of the house again.  I've had as much sitting on my ass as I can possibly take!

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