Friday, April 27, 2012

Drain removal

I've had a couple people ask me about the drain removal and whether it hurt.  The first drain removed was the one that was bothering me so much and that slid out like a hot knife through butter - no issues at all.  The second one from my pubic area also came right out.  The third one she pulled and it got stuck on a stitch, and that hurt.  Then she cut the stitch and pulled and YOWZA - that one hurt coming out.  But it is a brief hurt with instant relief that foreign bodies are no longer in your flesh!

You are left with some pretty gross looking holes.  Wanna see - yeah, I KNOW you do!

 Disgusting, huh?  Those 3 holes were covered in gauze with instructions to remove the gauze today and just cover with antibiotic ointment.  They are already closed up a lot this morning.


Well I'm off to take my first glorious hot shower in a week!

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