Thursday, April 5, 2012

Pre-op appointment today

I went for my pre-op appointment today.  It was with the nurse that will be over-seeing my case.  Dr. DeRoberts did stop in to shake my hand.  I liked the nurse immediately.  She is new to Dr. DeRoberts' practice, and to plastic surgery, but has many years of surgical experience.  Both Marc and I felt that she was genuinely excited and happy for me.  Both she and Dr. DeRoberts assured me that what is hanging in front is all skin and it will be completely and totally gone.

However, she explained that this is a MUCH more invasive procedure then a standard abdominoplasty.  I will have 4 drains instead of the usual 1-2 and will be extremely uncomfortable as the cut goes all the way around my body.  She also explained that the initial recovery time will be longer and they want me out of work AT LEAST 3.5 weeks.

She answered all my questions - even the annoying ones.

We also stopped today at Walmart to pick up preparation items - thermometer, sponge (lucky Marc gets to sponge bathe me for a week!!), dial soap for before the procedure.  Then it was off to the Vitamin Shoppe to get herbs that are highly recommended on websites and forums I have read for reducing the swelling and bruising.

Wow - it is going to be a long 1.5 weeks!

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  1. Hi Jennifer, I would just like to say congratulations on your weight loss success. It is a wonderful and inspiring story!

    Good luck with your surgery, I shall be thinking of you.