Wednesday, April 11, 2012

One week away!

So next week at this time the surgery should be done and I should be headed home!

Today I started Bromelain - it's an herb made from pineapple enzyme and is supposed to help decrease swelling.  Highly recommended on some of the sites I've been reading.  My doc said it can't hurt anything so I'm going to take it.

I also am going to start taking Miralax today.  What fun!  But apparently severe constipation is common after surgery and I definitely don't want to be trying to push one out, you know.  Yes, I am going to be sharing stuff that is WAY TMI.  Read at your own risk!

I got my scripts filled and had my blood drawn today for the pre-operation labwork.  It's going to be a challenge not dipping into the Valium before the surgery!!  ;))

This is definitely getting more real.  I still am not that nervous about the surgery itself.  Worried about the aftermath, though.  In addition to the pain, they pull the skin so tight that I will be walking hunched over for a while.  That will be weird.  


  1. One week!

    I also heard taking arnica before surgery can prevent bruising and swelling too.

    Every little helps!

  2. Yup - already bought the Arnica Montana, but I won't start that until Sunday.