Monday, June 10, 2013

What do I weigh?

When you are as tied to the scale as most of us who are trying to lose weight are, the flucuations can be incredibly frustrating.  I recently saw a discussion with someone wondering what their "real weight" is.  

If you try to track your weight on a daily basis and judge how you are doing, you'll be bound to drive yourself nutso.  There is nothing wrong with daily weighing - I do it! - but so much can influence how much you weigh at any given time, that it is not productive to obsess about fluctuations.

A better way to go is to create a graph and look over your long term progress.  I recently found this site and I wish I had looked for it when I was actively losing:

I'm just starting to use it, but it looks pretty customizable and it's FREE.  

So let me give you an example of weight fluctuations.  Yesterday I woke up and stepped on the scale and it was 119.5.  I then went out for my run (16 miles).  When I returned from the run - hot and sweaty - I again stepped on the scale and it read 116.0.  This morning I got up and stepped on the scale first thing and 121.2!

I wish that I could tell you that I don't get upset about these fluctuations anymore, but I am trying!  I certainly didn't truly LOSE 3.5 pounds while running.  And I know I didn't GAIN 1.7 pounds of fat since yesterday.  I still HATE to see anything over the 119 number.

It remains a constant battle for me.  I see the doctor for my annual appointment on Wednesday and I anticipate talking with him about my weight again.  I am more anxious to see what my cholesterol and other levels are and if they have improved or stayed the same since last year.  

So I hope that graphing your weight will help you to have less reliance on the dreaded scale!  Do as I say, not as I do, right?


  1. Yup drives me a little nutty too,but the daily weighing and tracking with others on 3 fc has helped me to realize its ebb and flo that I am not alone and the fluctions are natural and if I am eating the way I am suppose to and exercising ..I have nothing to worry about...I USE TO FREAK!
    It will be interesting to see your test results at the doctor..mine were great except my bone density that I thought would be great was not guess its a hereditary thing!!! Cause I sure can't do more. Gayle

  2. I've tracked my daily weigh in for more then a year using "my net diary". My fluctuation is 5 lbs, sometimes more depending on vacations etc. My daily tracking is ONCE a day, even though I sometimes get on the scale more then that. I try VERY hard not to. I'm bigger then you but when it comes to my offical weekly weigh in I'm not fluctuating more then 1-2 lbs. BUT DAILY that's a different matter. It gives me comfort (the graph) when I am up, knowing it's been there before and I can bring it back down. It also gives me a "holy crap you're doing it". ~ Ishbel