Saturday, June 29, 2013

Toot toot!

As I've talked about here, I don't see my "transformation" as other people do.  I've been called amazing, an inspiration, et cetera.  And I have a really sincerely hard time accepting those compliments.  In addition to my own issues with people complimenting me in general, I HATE arrogance.  I can't stand people who constantly brag about themselves.  Sometimes I worry when I make entries here about certain accomplishments that it will come across as arrogant instead of what is often just unbridled excitement.

Yesterday I was running before heading over to the barbeque that I was invited to.  And I passed the halfway house where they were having it after only 1/2 mile.  And I could smell the barbeque and I really wanted to just stop and join the party rather then run my other 6.5 miles.  And then I told myself that it was okay to not run 7, but if I ran 4 that would take me back around to near the house and I could stop then.

I didn't though, I ran the 7 and then went over and believe it or not there was still food left LOL.

 So as I was running I got to thinking about dedication and whether I deserved the compliments that I get.  So for a moment, let's take the numbers of how much I have lost out of the equation.  And let's also take out of the equation what I physically look like - be it good or bad.

And what do we have?  You know what?  My dedication is pretty fucking impression.  To have revolutionized my life in my late 30's?  That's not something most people do.  How many times have I said "no" to something I really wanted to eat?  How many times have I headed out at lunch and run when it has been freezing cold or raining or blistering hot?  How many times have I just wanted to give up and have found the internal strength to carry on?

How many people work a full time job, come home and spend an hour lifting weights after they have already spent their lunch hour running?  Not to mention managing a household.  Or completely given up something they love (in my case that would be Mountain Dew!)

Not too many.  Although I am FAR FAR away from people that have devoted their lives and made sacrifices to be a professional athlete, I do have a glimpse of what they give up to make their dreams come true.

I have altered my life without the help of a chef, or a personal trainer, or a coach, or a sponsor throwing me money.  And as we all know, now that I've hit my goal, I don't just go back to a normal life - nope, this is something I work on every single day.  I do it for ME.  Not for money or fame or recognition.  And I make these posts in the hope that it will help just one person - give them the hope to carry on.

So today, I'm tooting my own horn.  And I hope no one thinks less of me for it!

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  1. Aaawww... mountain dew. Before my journey, I used to grab a bottle of diet mountain dew and a bag of potato chips every day to go with my sandwich for lunch. Hey, did I read, right? You have reached your goal weight??? That is awesome!!! I say definitely sound the trumpet, wave the flag and rent a billboard. I clicked on your photos and all I can say is congratulations. You've come a long way. I know without a doubt that, I will be celebrating reaching my goal weight sometime in the near future and I'm not going to look at it as arrogance, but a major accomplishment. So I agree... toot all you want.