Sunday, June 2, 2013

My last blog post.

Hey guys.  Well you read the title correctly.  This is my last blog post...


Heehee.  Did I fool anyone?  Did you even care?  :))

Yes, tomorrow is my birthday and I'm not thrilled.  For any of you that were reading last year, you know that I was absolutely devastated to be turning 40.

As it turns out, it really was just another year.  I mean the world didn't come to a crashing halt because I hit the magic FOUR ZERO number.

40 will forever be known to be as the year I dropped to my goal weight.  I continued to get fitter and more defined.  But other then that, nothing revolutionary happened over the course of a year.

Tomorrow the plan for Marc and I is to go out to lunch and then go see the new Star Trek movie.  I'm looking forward to a fun but low key kind of day.

I still face my birthday with a ton of regrets for roads not taken.  Decisions that I could have - SHOULD HAVE - made years ago continue to haunt me.  I am trying to just look forward to my first summer as a "real person".  Not obese, not trying to lose weight, just being me.  I'm hopeful but actually nervous to be facing the summer months.  Routine is so important to me, and summer tends to be anything but...



  1. Happy Birthday Jen
    The best is yet to come,you'll just keep lovin your life!

  2. I'm a year late with this, but turning 40 meant you could compete as a "Master" in road races! That's gotta be a plus, right?

  3. Happy birthday jen! I still remember commenting on your bday last year, saying you looked in your late 20s! You do look amazing, btw. Congrats on yet another succesful year. :)

  4. Oh gawd - a master? Never heard of that!

    Thanks for the b-day wishes you guys! And thanks Kris for feeding my ego!