Friday, June 14, 2013

Things I Love:

Several months ago, Marc discovered this new website.  Well, not sure how new it was, but we just ran across it.  It's called Fitocracy and it's for tracking your workouts.

It's a community of people that enter and track their workouts, learn from one another and hold each other acocuntable.  Each day you can enter whatever activity you did that day and you get points for each activity. So, for example, for my 7 mile run yesterday, I was awarded 1199 points.

You make your way through levels that get progressively more challenging.  You can also earn points for completing certain "quests".  Those quests can be anything from a specific physical activity or even for interacting with other people on the site.  You get "badges" on your personal profile for achievements that you have made.

Fitocracy has groups for every interest!  Like I am in groups like "Runners", "Dog People" and "Healthy Eating".  

There is every level of fitness on there, from people that are brand new and just track short walking stints to serious and dedicated body builders.

One of the things that I really like about this site is that you can "follow" other people - sort of like friending them on Facebook.  And while the internet is full of assholes, people on this site are really supportive of other people.  They "give props" when you post about the workouts you have done.  It's also a lighthearted and at times irreverent site - like you get points taken away if you log "sitting on my ass" as an activity - LOL.

I have found tons of recipes as well as getting workout advice from being on there.  People talk about all kinds of things, like healthy foods to bring to work, what to do with an injury, or just bragging about how they ran a 7 minute mile or lifted 200 pounds.  Plus, you will be shocked at how it motivates you to put in just a LITTLE more time or do ONE MORE activity because you want to get some extra points. 

I find it a lot of fun and motivating.  So, why not join Fitocracy and see how you like it?  

Feel free to get on and follow me - my user name is jenhudsonmosher :))


  1. HEY
    I think I saw you running on Washington St. today? How do I deal with this friggin headache from no sugar, 1 cup coffee/day? Also have a wedding tomorrow. Do I sneak my own food in?(Special K cereal)
    P.S. I dont want to do anymore activity than im doing so i want to behave tomorrow and had to buy a gurdle today. Totally sucks. Said I never would but Its temporary

  2. That would have been me running!

    Why are you decreasing caffeine? Sugar withdrawal just takes a while. You can take a pain reliever like Tylenol, but know that it will artifically increase you weight a little.

    If I were you, I would just eat what they have at the wedding in a reasonable portion.