Thursday, June 13, 2013

Trying to beat genetics...

So yesterday I had my annual doctor's appointment. I was SO excited for this appointment!  I used to dread doctor's appointments, especially since they always start with the step on the scale.  Now I don't have to be embarassed about stepping on and seeing the nurse move that stupid weight thing up and up and up.  

I had my blood drawn last week for all the labs.  With all the exercising I do and how well I eat, I was 100% certain that my blood results would be fantastic.   


I am absolutely broken hearted.  While most of my blood work - kidneys, thyroid, glucose - were fine, my cholesterol levels are bad.

Overall cholesterol was 205 (over the ideal).  LDL was 133 (borderline high).  HDL was 58 which is good and trigycerides were 76.  I'm glad about those last 2 numbers, but the LDL bothers the shit out of me.

I fricking am running 35+ miles per week.  I eat almost NO processed food.  I cram myself with fruits and vegetables and healthy fats.  I eat red meat once per week and it's the leanest cuts.  What more can I freaking do?

This is a perfect example, I think, of genetics kicking my ass.  As I've told you guys, my father dropped dead of a heart attack at age 42.  His father dropped dead of a heart attack at age 49.  My mother's father had heart problems and had bypass in what, his early 60's (Mom, help me out here!)

I'm trying not to totally over-react.  I know these are not catastrophic numbers and overall, I am very healthy.  With no other risk factors, I think I'm good.  But it is still very discouraging.  

So in consultation with the doctor, here's the plan.  I'm going to start taking fish oil - my Boxers take one every day, so I'll just take one with them.  We'll re-draw blood in 3 months and see where I am at.

Fingers crossed....

On a good note, apparently the scale heard about my bad day and felt sorry for me, because I was just under 2 pounds down from yesterday, putting me in a better place mentally and physically.  


  1. Awwww. When I turned 40 I was the healthiest i have ever been and thats when I discovered, you guest it, high cholesterol and SKY HIGH TRIGLYCERIDES. After reviewing diet ect. we determined it was what I wasnt eating. Fresh fruits and veggies which i dont like to this day. I forced them in started the fish oil and my numbers went down but not enough. So I started Lipitor. I have a strong family history also and thats why we have the statins. These drugs were created for people with genetic predisposition. YaHoo. We are the lucky ones

  2. That's what I too was saying...with the osteoporosis thing! I am borderline on my colesteral. My mom died at 55 with diabetes,high everything,died of a heart attack. All my siblings have high colesteral and take meds and some have diabetes...So guess I am ahead of the game I am the only one that is careful about things! BUT I did not start in earnest till I was 56!!! So your ahead of the game!!
    But I like you EAST and do all I can we can not do much more...I do fish oil...2 a day and also calcium and Vit D and gluclosimine. Those are my only supplements


  3. I am ADAMANT that I will not take meds unless I am in a drastic situation - not there yet!

    Had my vitamin D tested - it's actually a little high!

  4. My hubby's family ALL have high cholesterol. His sister is very thin, walks everyday, eats well. Has high cholesterol. He has 4 other brothers with high cholesterol. Its in the family. The dr. convinced her to take meds. My hubby has high cholesterol, somewhat in denial about it. But he refuses to take meds for it. Medication is not without risks and you should definitely weigh all your options. If that was your only risk factor I don't think I would consider taking them either.

    1. After doing some more reading, there is some evidence that there are certain ratios - like good cholesterol or overall as well as a ratio that takes into account trigylcerides. When I enter those, my numbers are very good.

      We'll see where I stand in 3 months!