Wednesday, June 26, 2013

How about some updates??

Anyone interested in a couple of updates?

Ok, let's start off with Chakotay.  I started taking his measurements 1 month ago - May 28th.  I took his measurements last night again, and he has lost 1 inch around his chest and 2 inches off his waist - not too shabby, huh?  

Getting him not to keep eating remains a constant challenge.  But the good thing is that he only eats when I am around, so it's pretty easy to monitor him.  We have noticed a dramatic increase in energy from him.  Marc noted him playing with Archer - jumping up in the air and trying to wrestle a frisbee from him!  He hasn't done that in a LONG time.  So I'm pretty happy that what we are doing appears to be working!

Next, let's take a look at ME.  I wanted to show how much the borthmark has faded from the last treatment Dr. DeRoberts did.  The birthmark is not 100% eliiminated, but boy - you can hardly tell it was there, especially now that I'm a little tanned up!

Finally, a garden update!  A few days of hot weather followed by afternoon showers has done wonders for the veggie plants.  I'm totally psyched!

 You can see the corn, squashes and bean plants in this photo.
Here's a close up of the corn and squash plants.  And, of course, some effing WEEDS!

I continue to feel better - a much needed vacation is coming up.  I am a little fearful as my weight has been ideal this week, and I'm going to have some indulgent days - especially while camping.  But this year, being at goal, I want to just CHILL out and enjoy myself!

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