Sunday, June 9, 2013

Lean and mean!

Everyone who knows me knows that I have always been mean!  But never in my life have I ever been what could remotely be described as lean.  Even after losing the weight, I think of myself as thin-ish, but not lean, that's for sure.

You may remember that about 3 months ago I talked about working my back and trying to get some muscles to "pop" back there, but it wasn't working.  So for 3 months I've taken the advice of people and been really focusing on those muscles and doing things like pull ups to build those lats up.

I haven't really seen a difference, so I posted on 2 different sites that I am a member on asking for advice, again.  And I posted this pic:

I had some suggestions, but on both sites, 2 separate people told me in their comments that I am "really lean" and that I would have to eat more calories to start to "bulk" up those muscles.

The comment of "lean" has totally and completely thrown me off.  I really don't see it.  I still see layers of fat and places where I need to lose weight.  I had Marc take a front pic this morning and I see reasonably thin, but not "lean".

 At any rate, people that know a LOT more about lifting weights and building muscle then me gave me great advice.  In order to build muscle I would have to increase calories (and gain some weight in the form of muscle), eat SUPER clean to get my body fat really low (below 20%) and count macros.  This means counting protein, fat, and getting certain amount of grams of each each day.

So, am I willing to do this?  NOPE.  So I guess what I have will have to be good enough.  I'm going to continue to lift and keep the muscles that I have and maybe I'll even tone a little more in certain places.  But I don't want it THAT BAD to make all of those sacrifices.   

Hmmm... settling for "good enough - that's progress, right?


  1. You just can't see it but you are very LEAN and muscular!Your muscles are very visable. A better picture of your front is in your after pictures in the black top and black and white bottoms...check it pout...not much to spare!!! I agree GOOD ENOUGH! Depends on what look you are going for.
    as for me I think I am realizing I am becoming rather lean looking..I can see it finally and feel it. As for me it is the look I want long and lean but very VISABLE muscles.I find that very attractive in women. I know some people think I am thin BUT when they look closer they see I am very muscular.AND I love I have that at 61!

  2. Thanks Gayle - You are the rockstar here! 61 and totally HAWT! I also find my muscles attractive and fortunately Marc does too!

  3. Great job on the weight loss. You are an inspiration.

    Can you share what you do for strength training? How many days do you run? I'm a runner and am trying to incorporate weights so I'm curious to see what your schedule looks like. Do you lift heavy? Thanks.