Saturday, June 1, 2013

Decision, Decisions...

Welcome to June everyone!  Despite a really frigged up week, I'm getting my mojo back a bit.  It has been extremely hot and humid which, as you all know, I love.  So that has definitely helped.

So here we are in June.  We'll all have a LOT of decisions to make this summer.  Where do you stand?  Are you actively going to try to lose weight or are you going to maintain for the summer?  I was still in the losing phase for June last year, and it can be challenging.  

I saw this yesterday and while it's a "no shit, Sherlock" kind of quote, it really struck me and I've had it on the brain:

This is SO true.  You can't just throw your hands up and give up because you have one slip up.  On the other hand, you can't do what so many people I talk to do.  They eat right and exercise for like 2 full days and expect the scale to instantly reward them with a 3 pound drop.  Sorry folks, it doesn't work that way.

You need to be prepared this summer and have strategies.  Summer tends to be very on the go.  So you should always be prepared with filling, healthy snacks so that you don't feel tempted to enter that drive thru.  And evening meal planning become crucial so you're not stopping and grabbing a pizza all the time.

And how about strategies for BBQ's?  That can be challenging!  You don't have to be perfect, but smart thinking can help!  Don't hover around the food table mindlessly eating chips and dip.  Go sit down and talk to someone!

Choose healthier options!  If they offer turkey or veggie burgers, choose those!  Only hamburgers and hotdogs?  Have one without the bun!  Use mustard instead of mayo!  Eat the baked beans instead of macaroni salad.  Avoid alcohol.
Go for fruit salad for dessert.  Or have A cookie, not 6.  And when they break out the volleyball or frisbee get out there and play.  Even if you look stupid, just move!

You can still have a ton of fun this summer without destroying everything you've worked for!

What is your strategy for the summer?  Anyone care to share their healthy go-to snacks?

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