Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Motivation and commitment once again!

Look at this incredibly sexy model:

Oh she is sooooo motivated to get out there and exercise!  I'll bet she doesn't even sweat - she probably GLOWS!

Now look at this incredibly UNSEXY non-model:

She looks a mess, but she is COMMITTED!  Yup - it is cold, raining, and miserable out today.  And it's a run day for me.  I had the old internal debate with myself about whether I was going to go for my scheduled run or stay in where it was dry and warm.  

The devil on one shoulder gave me many, many perfectly understandable and acceptable reasons not to run.  And the angel on the other shoulder calmly explained to me why I should run.  I almost hit the bitch, especially since I have the FUCK-ITS after a really bad weigh in this morning.  

But you can clearly see who won and guess what?  

It's easy to get your ass out there when the weather is perfect and your mood is perfect and the timing works out and there's nothing else to do and the house is clean and the work is done.  But how often does that happen?  It's easy to make excuses - most of them are even right!

So, to what lengths are you willing to go to meet your goals?  It's all about forgetting the RIGHTNOW that so many of us - including me - are good at and focusing on the WHAT ABOUT TOMORROW?     

I thought about that last Friday as I was running past Dunkin' Donuts and knew that they were giving away free donuts for National Donut Day.  I was thinking how good a donut would taste.  And then I was thinking how I would feel the rest of the day - after the donut was gone.  And I kept moving.

But I'm telling you - the scale BETTER be nicer to me tomorrow, DAMN IT!!  :))))


  1. Today I am cutting soft drink and coffee creamer. Again Its a start. I mailed my ymca app to start doing water aeobics. I have a friend who is willing to drive me home after.
    I started having trouble breathing cause my fat stomach is pulling on my chest. I have to do something. This post from you today was perfect. Thank You.

  2. Step AWAY from the soda!!! You've got this Sue! Wake up each day and take it ONE DAY AT A TIME!

    Love ya!


  3. Oh and I wanted to tell u. You are way more attractive than that pic.

  4. I don't know, maybe if you wore the same outfit she was wearing...
    oh, and the tongue really perfects the look (lol).

  5. Thanks Sue LOL

    And Julie - I had to do the tongue thing!