Saturday, June 15, 2013

Chicken update...

Since we had our chickens attacked, a friend of mine agreed to come out and try to trap the foxes and re-locate them.  The first day he set out the traps, he caught 2 in literally under one hour!

Since then he has trapped 6 more and relocated them away from us.  Yesterday he told me that he trapped the Alpha Male of the group which he described as "one HUGE motherfucker!"

With that capture we decided to let the chickens back out to free range.  Those were some happy chickens!  

With making the decision to free range, we're always taking a risk that a predator will get them.  But I just can't see forcing them to live their lives in a small coop, either.  

Keep your fingers crossed that we got all the foxes and that the chicks can live their happy chicken lives!


  1. Did you check your local regulations before you posted? Around here, it is illegal to relocate any wild animal. They don't want to risk spreading rabies, etc. Just be sure you're in the clear before you tell a bunch of people.

    Happy chickens!!

    1. Thanks for the concern - didn't check the laws but they were only taken a few miles away. If they come after me for that, fuck 'em! ;)))

  2. Jen I am happy that you decided to relocated them. I hope they don't make there way back and I am happy for the chickens to be out roaming free again!

  3. Good Luck.
    There seems to be alot of foxes around. I see them all the time driving esp. at night. I'm glad for your chickens.