Thursday, June 20, 2013

RIP James Gandolfini

I was sad to hear last night of James Gandolfini's death.  Marc and I were late-comers to The Sopranos hysteria.  In fact, we watched ZERO of it when it was actively airing.  But we were looking for something to watch with our Blockbuster subscription a couple of summers ago and watched all the seasons in one summer.  

Marc and I both remember watching it one day - it was a scene where Tony and Carmella were fighting (verbally) and he was almost gasping for breath.  I said to Marc - "Boy he sounds like a heart attack waiting to happen!"

My life circumstances are different then a lot of people's here.  I don't have kids.  But, as someone whose father died of a heart attack way too young, I can tell you that it had a PROFOUND and DRAMATIC effect on both my brother (who was 15) and myself (age 18).  It has been over 22 years and I can remember that horrible morning with the clarity as if it happened yesteday.  

That's what James' son gets to live with  now.  And his baby daughter will never know her father.

I get caught up here talking about weight loss for vanity related reasons - looking hot in certain clothing, having muscles, attracting attention.  But, the main reason for losing weight is being healthy, right?  Who would you leave behind if you were to die tomorrow as a result of your lifestyle choices?

The next time you buy a pack of cigarettes, the next time you make a cake that calls for 3 sticks of butter and then scarf down a piece (or 2), the next time you "don't have the motivation" so you call off that day's workout - just think about the reality that your choices can radically alter not just your future...  

No one's time on this earth is guaranteed - I could be run over by a truck while running tomorrow - but don't we owe it to someone in our lives - even besides ourselves - to be healthy?


  1. Preaching to the at least. I am with you. I too was sorry to here of Johns passing,I too saw that seen and thought the same.
    I wish I could get my husband to care for him self better I fear I will lose him,but you can noy change someone else only be an example...

  2. So true. All I can say TODAY.

  3. Jennifer. This is Kevin, your favorite uncle. I don't usually comment an assbook or peoples personal frogs, but in regard to James Wappafini and the episode you are describing. I too watched that episode where Tony was having an argument with his wife. Yes, It appeared that he was going to blow a gasket and have the big one. It's called acting. This is what made Mr. Wappafini such a good actor. Remember so long ago when your father told you that the World wrestling Federation was fake and the wrestlers were acting? You got mad and slammed your door and didn't believe it. Well tv drama is like WWF, with the exception that wrestlers are not good actors like our friend James. Now that you are 42, have you come to the realization that wrestling is indeed fake? Please tell me that you have. Unlike Mr. Wappafini, When I mow the lawn I get sweaty and breath hard and I am I about to drop from my extreme lack of shape and fitness. This is not acting! Most people don't know a few little known facts about James. He was able to dunk a basketball on a regulation ten foot hoop, he ran the 40 yard dasn in 5.2 seconds and three years ago he was offered a place on the USA Olympic diving team. Hope this helps you in your future endeavors of TVdom.

    1. Dear my wonderful Uncle Kevin. I am ONLY 41! So I don't have to believe wrestling is fake until next year!

      And unless Mr. Gandolfini was faking during his autopsy this morning, I am going to believe that his extreme obesity was what made him pant like a basset hound, not his acting skills!

      That being said, there was something magical about him, and I wish he had joined the diving team, because I, for one, would have LOVED to see him do a front double twist!

      Good luck mowing your lawn this weekend!