Monday, December 3, 2012

Unexpected Developments...

Yesterday was an interesting day.  I found myself in a position that I NEVER EVER thought that I would be in.  After I ran, I jumped on the scale and it read 113.8.  If you remember, I made a commitment to the dietician I saw as well as to Marc that I would not drop below 115.

I typically drop a couple of pounds after a long run so I wasn't too worried about it, but after being at 117 pretty consistently it was a surprise.  I thought I would be up this morning - especially since I tend to gain weight from water retention after a long run - but I weighed in at 115.0.

So now what?  The easy answer is to eat more.  Yeah...  That thought remains scary to me.  I'm not too worried about this month - I think that with all the holiday stuff going on I'm going to be overeating on occasion enough that my weight will be within range, but it does give me something to concentrate on come January.  

The two thoughts that I had yesterday were opposite sides of the same coin and shows how many "food issues" I still have.  The first thought was the power I felt having dropped another couple of pounds.  I never understood anorexia when I was obese, but I get it now.  There's a certain POWER or something in seeing the scale drop.  The other side of the coin was that I was separating a big bag of chocolate treats (including my weakness of Peanut Butter Cups) that I was going to put into the Xmas gifts for my nieces and nephews.  That voice told me to shove a few chocolates in my mouth because I needed to gain a little and I could justify eating them.  I didn't eat any and wrapped those little fuckers up quick.  :))

 It's true that I can increase my calories some, but it needs to be with healthy things!  So I added a little extra quinoa to my dinner last night.  

The second thing that happened is that I hurt my knee while running on the treadmill. I have never had knee problems while running, at all!  But about 8 miles into my run, my left knee started to really hurt.  Because I am a DUMBASS I continued running for another 3 miles until I just couldn't stand the pain.

I hurt last night and am hurting today.  I'm worried from what I've read that it's IT Band Syndrome - a common affliction in runners.  The main prescription is REST.  The thought of resting and not running or other cardio which inevitably uses the knee is unthinkable.  So I bought a knee brace today and did a Zumba DVD at lunch.  It did twinge on some moves, but wasn't too bad.  

I know, I should be completely resting it, but I can't do it.  Let the lecturing begin....


  1. I have IT Band issues... ESPECIALLY after long runs. Stretching is essential to get away from having knee or hip pain. I have my husband roll my IT Bands out with a rolling pin after every run. It has changed my life!

    Good luck with your eating more endevor. I am still in the losing phase and increasing calories because of my exercise load was a hard hurdle. But all is well, and while the scale doesn't move as much the pants keep getting smaller. :)

  2. Hi Sarah! I have looked up some stretches and will have to start incorporating these. I can't believe it came on so SUDDENLY. It feels pretty good tonight - I might try a run tomorrow and see what happens.

    Congrats on the pants loosening up - that's usually the sign that you are in for a WHOOSH, too!

    By the way - I checked out your photography website - you are one TALENTED woman!!


  3. You are really amazing.Even am gonna to follow you!

  4. Thanks for the congrats and for checking out my work. :) Your blog has been such a joy to read. One of these days I'll actually have some time to update my weight loss blog and not just the work one. :)