Thursday, December 27, 2012

The in-between time of year...

This is always a weird time of year for me.  The time between Christmas and New Year's always feels like someone has pressed a PAUSE button.  I never want to start anything new because, well, NEW YEAR is coming and that's the time we start new things, right?  But also Christmas is over, so there is little to be done.

I ate rigorously well yesterday and the scale was up higher then I'd like (119.8) this morning, but still under my "no-no" number of 120.  I credit the fact that I have been exercising well with that.  I did a 7 mile run on the treadmill yesterday.  It actually felt good to sweat and then eat a salad!

Thanks to my friend Cathi for sending me this.  I don't agree with this 100%, but the sentiment is largely correct.

 I only am working 1 day this week and, of course, it was today of all days when we are getting SLAMMED with a major snow storm.  Getting to work this morning proved to be an adventure!  I really, really hate this weather.

Tomorrow the plan is to get all Xmas stuff put away and begin to get back to normal.  I still expect some indulgances between now and New Year's Day, but it's time to get back in the right frame of mind.

I hope everyone here is getting back on track - how bad do you want it?

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