Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas to all!

What a great Christmas season this is shaping out to be!  Having gotten everything done before yesterday, I was able to just chill out and relax and watch football yesterday.  It was awesome to just hang out without anything pressing to do.

Then, my body decided to give me a Christmas present!  Despite eating with abandon since Friday, I hesitantly jumped on the scale this morning and it read 118.0!  Wow!  I was really excited about that - how it can stay in range when I've been eating many more calories per day then usual, but hell, I'll take it!

But more important then that is my mood.  I have a slight touch of Seasonal Affective Disorder, and as we get close to Christmas, I tend to crash.  Not this year!

I jumped out of bed this morning and when I saw the sun was out - a rare sight in Northern NY this time of year - I bundled up - because it is COLD, and took the dogs on a brisk 4 mile walk.  Good for them and good for me!  Especially getting some natural sunlight!

Marc and I just finished some weight lifting and now I'm getting ready to head over to my brother's house to celebrate Christmas with my family.  

I sincerely and truly hope that everyone out there is feeling as good as I am.

In case I'm not able to find time to post tomorrow:

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  1. I too, have a touch of SAD. I found using a Happy Light while walking on the treadmill helps a bit.