Sunday, December 16, 2012

Being productive!

As anyone knows who has embarked on this journey, you have to make certain choices and sacrifices.  There simply is NOT enough time to do everything that I want to get done.  Now while a lot of things in my life have gotten so much more organized and just together, the cleanliness of my house has NOT been one of them.

Now let's be honest - cleaning my house has never been a priority.  We're not DIRTY, but I am terribly messy.  And when there is a choice of cleaning or doing something fun?  Count me in to choose the fun.  

This is why one of my goals - that I didn't accomplish - is to do a LITTLE cleaning everyday.  If I could just keep on top of that, I would be happy.  But today, I had no more excuses - since I can't run, and it's nasty weather out, AND I'm having people over this Friday for Xmas - I need to get the house clean!  And I'm talking the down on hands and knees scrubbing type cleaning!
It's now just after 3:30 and I've been cleaning for over 3 hours!  And I have 3 rooms done.  Now I'm on to the living room.  
I need a housekeeper!

Who is interested in seeing my dolphin themed - and clean - guest bathroom?


  1. Nice! I envey your nice BIG bathroom. Mine is more like a small closet. Plus it's been in remodel mode for the 9mos. No paint just drywall.

  2. Yeah - this house was built before there was indoor plumbing. So the room was not a bathroom originally - not sure what it was used for.

    I got totally spoiled by having it, so when we built an addition with a master bed and bath I designed it so there was another big bathroom!

    Good luck on your remodel - hope it gets done soon!