Sunday, December 9, 2012


I weighed in at 115.4 yesterday morning which alleviated some of my anxiety about gaining weight while not being able to run.  Not that I realistically would have seen much of a gain in less then a week of not running, but since so much of this is a mind game....

I had lunch yesterday with 2 of my father's brothers and their wives.  As I mentioned, my Dad was not all that close to his family and we've grown even more apart since he is not around.  There is no reason for it - it's not like we are estranged or that there is any hard feelings, it's just that no one has really made a concerted effort I guess.

I was prepared for it to be a little awkward since we haven't seen them in so long, but it wasn't at all!  It was really comfortable and we talked at length.  They of course asked about and commented on my weight loss and then we moved on to other topics, which was nice, too.

One of the brothers looks nothing like my Dad did, but the other brother looks a LOT like him.  Even though my Dad died so long ago, it was weird to see my uncle not just looking a lot like an older version of my dad, he has a very similar voice and the same mannerisms.  There was a certain sadness seeing him.

We all said that we should get together more often, so I immediately offered to host a summer get together for that whole side of the family next summer.  We even picked a date.  

I don't know if it's related to my weight loss or if it's just getting older, but I've found lately that I really want to have more family in my life.  Maybe it's even this time of year.  At any rate, I don't think you can ever have too many people who support you in this life!!

 I would encourage any of you that have grown apart from your family to reach out.  NOT the ones that are unhealthy or that will bring you down - you don't need them!  But is there someone out there that you've grown apart from that you miss or who would support you in this journey?  If so, do it now.  If you say you'll do it later, you won't.  Tell them you've been thinking about them.  Life is short!

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