Wednesday, December 26, 2012


I followed my plan over the holiday - meaning I ate whatever and however much I wanted and now I am paying the price.  Have any of you ever heard of that controversial method to help people stop smoking where you put a bunch of smokers together in a very small room and have them light up and smoke like crazy?  The idea is that they get so sick that it cures their desire to smoke.  

I think that's what I did to myself.  I ate so much and feel so icky, that I could care less if I ever eat again.  Oh if only that feeling could last!

It is interesting to see on the weight loss sites people talking about their experience over the past couple of days and the reasons they feel that they overeat.  I've talked a lot on here about issues that I have with food and how it contributed to my obesity.  But I also realized something - I just really, really, like food.

Over the past 2 days surrounded by family, I was happy and content and was not dealing with any emotional issues.  I just really enjoyed eating all the yummy food!  
I did do one thing right over the past couple of days - I got in exercise, including a cold 4 mile walk with
the dogs yesterday. 

So what's the plan now?  This is what I'm doing and if you over-indulged and need to get back on track, it's what I would encourage you to do:

I will eat clean today.  No sweets or extra indulgences.  I will exercise.  I will drink a LOT of water to flush my system. All of these things will help my body get back on track.  I had my fun, now it's time to get back to real life and get back on track.
 I can and will do this starting today. How about you?  

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