Wednesday, July 9, 2014

What a difference Wednesdays…

If I had it in my head that Tuesdays sucked ass, then the last 2 Wednesdays offered some welcome redemption.

We decided to head back to Robert H. Treman because part of the vast Finger Lakes Trail runs through there.  I quite enjoyed that hike – it was much more trail like and through deep woods.  There were fallen trees that had to be stepped over.






However, Marc was not as impressed and was also getting bit up by mosquitos.  Plus he described the trail as “boring as fuck”.  So it worked out that we were able to make a small detour and rather then reverse course, we could take the same Rim Trail around the gorge and it would take us back to the parking lot that we had started in.

The climb back up provided one of the funniest moments of are trip – and I still can’t believe that a dog can process things like this.  Remember those 228 stairs in a row I told you about?

Well we were a little over halfway up them, and we rounded a corner and there lay a whole slew of steps in front of us.  Chakotay actually stopped and looked up at the stairs.  Then he turned his head and looked up at me and looked back at the stairs.  If he could talk I’m sure “Are you fucking kidding me??” might have come out of his mouth!!

For whatever reason I was feeling a lot better and was able to relax that night as Marc built a HUGE fire to use up our wood.  A sense of peace came over me.

I’m happy to say that the same thing happened this Wednesday.  I’ll share with you more about that in tomorrow’s post…

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